Naomi Green

Naomi Green

Naomi comes from Worimi mob- saltwater and freshwater people from the Port Stephens, Forster and Gloucester areas of NSW.

Naomi loves to work with paint, photography, clay and collage and her love of animals, nature and biology often inspire her art.

Naomi became a mother at a very young age, but with the support of her family, has still been able to pursue her many interests.

Her love of the ocean and her interest in visual communication led her to complete a PhD in reef fish colour perception at the University of Queensland in 2020. During her studies, Naomi spent many months researching the coral reefs at Lizard Island, before, during and after the recent mass bleaching events. This heartbreaking experience strengthened Naomi’s commitment to caring for country.

Naomi has also worked as a Registered Nurse in pediatric surgery for more than 10 years. In this role she has been lucky enough to be involved in many remarkable and life-saving operations.

Naomi’s experiences and observations of inequality and injustices against women and Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people, as well as her deep concern for the environment, often inspire her artworks.


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