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Art Gallery Tours

with Birrunga Wiradyuri or Kane Brunjes

Be personally guided by one of our acclaimed First Nations artists and get valuable behind-the-artwork insights and stories behind some of Australia’s leading contemporary Indigenous art.

Art Gallery Tours cater for everyone, from individuals, children, families, couples, education groups, corporate and tour groups. We tailor packages to suit individual needs can include native food tasting platter and beverages.

Kane Brunjes Art Gallery Tour
Birrunga Wiradyuri Art Gallery Tour

Booking essential – minimum numbers of 10 guests per tour apply.

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Importance of Place Workshop

with Birrunga Wiradyuri

The first question First Nations people ask each other when they meet is “Who’s your mob? Where you from?” It’s a way we seek to find connection and how we relate to each other. This is more than simply a geographic exercise even though place is incredibly important.

By communicating and sharing our place we find our connections. We wanted to take this a step further and find a common ground for non-Indigenous people as well. We’ve achieved that by identifying that we all have that place or places that is special to us. Those places, geographic, metaphoric, emotional, historic or current are the common ground where we understand each other.This workshop teaches the Cultural aspect of the Importance of Place for First Nations mob and guides participants to find their own place and how in doing so they can then find connection with their environment and to others.

Birrunga will share his cultural place, personal and family lore as well as stories from his ancestors while guidance is given to create your own artwork. You will take home a painting and create your own tangible memory of the importance of place through Art.

Importance of Place workshops are ideal for Corporate Leadership Teams

Learn about First Nations art from both traditional and urban contemporary perspectives.

Workshops are tailored to meet your needs and can include native food tasting platter and beverages.

Bookings essential minimum 10 people per workshop


Acknowledgment of Country
Didge painting meditation
A small Canvas (100mm x 100mm) to paint.
Tuition by Birrunga Wiradyuri
All materials


Importance of Place Workshop Testimonials

The delegation had an amazing time, they really enjoyed the space and the food, and really enjoyed the authenticity of Birrunga’s acknowledgment and welcome, it really struck a chord with them.
The head of the Solomon Islands delegation, Mr Collin Beck, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, even quoted Birrunga in his closing remarks to our meetings on Wednesday. I will no doubt get this wrong, so please excuse, but PS Beck referenced Birruga’s 5 pillars of doing business / negotiating, along the lines of go slow, be open / truthful and respect (sorry if not correct). PS Beck said this resonates with Solomon Islands as this is how they interact between tribes and provinces back home, and this is how they want to do business with Australia. Another delegate, Permanent Secretary Susan Sulu, also said that in her village, they do a similar welcoming ceremony with white ochre (or something similar) to cleanse the spirit of the visitors and signal they come in peace. This really highlights the deep cultural connections between Australia’s First Nations people, and our close Pacific family, and one that I am certainly proud to showcase!
The team on the night did great, it was a bit challenging as we were running late to dinner, so I wasn’t able to get there early to set up and speak with the team, but they did well in the trying circumstances, so please pass on my thanks to the wait staff, and the kitchen did great, even packaging our dessert to take away. On the bus ride home, there was a unanimous decision that the brownie was the best dish, although I think the kangaroo entre and the satay sauce trumped it!
And please thank Birrunga for me, we really did have a great time, and it was a relaxing, inclusive space which the delegates were able to really relax and feel comfortable in (there was even fascination of Birrunga’s self-portrait, in a good way, they al commented how good it looked).


Arup’s regional leadership team had the pleasure of participating in the Importance of Culture and Place workshop run by Birrunga Wiradyuri. Throughout the engaging session, Birrunga brought energy, humour and was able to create an environment for people to learn, reflect and share through the concept of ‘place’. In the weeks following the session, attendees continue to talk about the impact of the experience and the stories Birrunga shared.
Overall, an excellent investment for any corporate workplace wanting to engage with First Nations culture. Thank you to Birrunga and his team for making this session possible.


We recently held a very successful company event and lunch at Birrunga Gallery and can highly recommend it. The menu provided many delightful choices and the team enjoyed a delicious festive lunch, savouring the flavours of native spices. The service was excellent, as we had a few orders during the course of the morning and they catered perfectly to our various dietary needs.
It was a great space to hold our team event. Our team loved the gallery décor and spacious atmosphere of the building, with its walls displaying many talented artworks which provided inspiration and interest.
Birrunga is an indigenous-owned and operated cultural hub space, located in the heart of the city at 300 Adelaide Street, Brisbane. One visit wasn’t enough, it’s certainly a place that calls one back to savour more menu options, absorb the artworks, attend cultural events they host and engage in conversations with the staff and artists.

-Cheryl Mortimer
Owner of positive Mind Body

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