Naomi Green

acrylic and alcohol inks on canvas
61 x 76cm

This painting is inspired by the resilience of our
maternal ancestors, who. Like the sun and the moon,
which continue to rise and set every day and night,
kept our peoples, traditions, stories and cultures
In many Aboriginal cultures, the sun is often seen
as female and the moon – which follows in pursuit
of the sun- as male. The moon often represents
fertility because both the lunar cycle and a woman’s
menstrual cycle are approximately 28 days, and
because the moon plays a part in the reproductive
cycle of other plants and animals.
In this painting, the red on the top and left of the
artwork symbolise a woman’s menstrual cycle, while
the moon and lunar cycles are represented by the
blue to the right and bottom of the artwork. The
blue shapes leading into the centre of the painting
reference the pull of the tide, controlled by the moon.
This is also mirrored in the red shapes above.

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