What is Birrunga Gallery and who are we?

Birrunga Gallery, located in Brisbane (Meanjin as it’s traditionally known), takes pride in being a significant Cultural hub showcasing Indigenous contemporary art. Our founder, Birrunga Wiradyuri, a Wiradyuri man, leads us as the principal artist, infusing the gallery with authenticity and vision. We are more than just an art gallery, offering an immersive experience of authentic First Nations Culture, including art, music, dance, artefacts, food, tours, and classes.

We’re dedicated to providing an enriching experience for those eager to immerse themselves in Indigenous art and Culture.

Our catering team delights in serving modern Australian cuisine with a distinctive twist, integrating Native spices and ingredients in every dish. This unique blend of traditional and contemporary flavours offers our customers a unique culinary and Cultural experience that perfectly complements our artistic surroundings.

At Birrunga Gallery, we operate with deep respect for the local Indigenous community, acknowledging and working with the permission of Uncle Eddie Ruska on the traditional lands of the Jagera, Yugerra, and Turrbal People. Our connection to these communities is fostered through ceremonies and Cultural exchanges, underlining our commitment to honour and preserve Indigenous Cultures.

Who is Birrunga?

Wiradyuri man, Birrunga Wiradyuri, is the founder and principal artist of the multi-award winning Birrunga Gallery situated in the heart of Meanjin (Brisbane) CBD.

Dedicated to fulfilling his cultural responsibilities, following and practising the central Wiradyuri law of Yindyamarra, Birrunga is a cultural practitioner and visual artist whose narrative works explore the spirituality of the Wiradyuri people, in historical and contemporary contexts.

Birrunga’s motto, ‘If not for me, then whom’, resulted in the co-founding of the Wayne Weaver Foundation; a charity that provides pro bono pre and post release, transition, and reintegration support for Indigenous prisoners.The foundation has enabled Birrunga enter prison unescorted and spend time with Indigenous prisoners on matters of Cultural priority since 2015.

A few things we’re great at

We are a multi-faceted Cultural Hub that is accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Indigenous Art

Alongside Principal Artist, Birrunga Wiradyuri, original artworks by our resident artists are also exhibited throughout the gallery. Open to the public, free of charge.

Native Inspired Food

Our cafe menu utilises Native spices and ingredients where possible in order to create unique flavours that can be best described as modern Australian cuisine, with a Native twist.

Functions & Catering

New Catering Menu!: Beyond our awe-inspiring art, we’ve revamped our culinary offerings. Our just launched catering menu features a range of dishes that is sure to have something to satisfy every palate.

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