Birrunga Gallery

Cultural Creative Development Program (CCDP)

What is our Cultural Creative Development Program?

Our Cultural Creative Development Program (CCDP) matters because it is a unique model of Blak enterprise. This model operates alongside but not in competition with the mainstream examples of enterprise. The program is successful in creating synergies that compliment and add to the existing industry offerings, on our own terms, offering our young people a genuine opportunity to flourish with cultural integrity intact. First steps in delivering this program are broadcasting an Expression of Interest to First Nation’s communities for emerging Indigenous artists to submit a portfolio to apply to be a part of the CCDP.
Successful applicants with be interviewed by a panel of industry experts, where successful applicant(s) will be chosen to be the new inductee(s) to the Creative Cultural Development Program. Our Industry Expert Panel will be led by: Birrunga Wiradyuri, Kane Brunjes and 3 other Industry Experts. Over the course of the year the inductee will be personally mentored by acclaimed international artist Birrunga Wiradyuri alongside lead artist Kane Brunjes. Kane was our inaugural inductee in the Birrunga Gallery CCDP and is now the inaugural graduate and Lead Artist in the program. The program will present the inductee with opportunities within the corporate world, develop their artistic practice and build their cultural voice. The inductee will create new works along with the artists from the pilot program for an exhibition that will have a theme. This exhibition will then tour to 5 regional locations.

How to Apply:
Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander artists are invited to apply via email. Complete this form and send to [email protected]

All submissions must be received via email by on 31st May 2024. Anything received after this date will not be considered.

Program founder and convenor Wiradyuri man, Birrunga Wiradyuri, is the founder and principal artist of the multi-award winning Birrunga Gallery situated in the heart of Meanjin (Brisbane) CBD.
Birrunga created the CCDP after meeting Kabi Kabi / Gunggeri artist Kane Brunjes in 2019. For Birrunga the program creation and development are a key part of his Cultural responsibility. The CCDP is a unique opportunity for young and emerging Blak artists to engage in a cultural curriculum as a complementary path into becoming a professional cultural practitioner / artist.

‘Kane will very much be hands on from here on in with the development of future applicants to the CCDP. This is exciting news for the program and particularly exciting for those participants who get to work with Kane.’ -Birrunga.
Kane has also shared that the program brings balance to his life in all areas work/personal/mental/physical. His favourite part of the program is the boxing, art, and mentoring conversations with Birrunga. The program has given him the opportunity to get out of his comfort zones and the opportunity to earn a living while being based in Brisbane City as a full-time artist. Kane also really enjoys the collaborative element when working with the pilot cohort on big art projects.
Our CCDP stands as a beacon for promoting Indigenous artistic, cultural, and community development. We’ve created an inclusive environment where artists, community members, and various stakeholders come together to foster and elevate the local cultural framework.