Kane Brunjes
For Our Elders

acrylic on canvas
51 x 41cm

This work is seen as a timeline from now and generations back. This is captured in the depth of the piece, with the three eucalyptus trees in the foreground to the mountains, trees, water areas, and pathways behind.
The slight directional change in the line left of the piece with the pathways behind represent the guidance given from our Elders. The Eucalyptus trees and the walking through the smoke of their burning leaves is symbolic of the knowledge, healing, and protection that is also shared.
This year’s 2023 NAIDOC theme, ‘For Our Elders’ guided the story of this painting. Because of the Elders here today and those passed on, I’m able to live this life as I do. I’m also able to travel and enjoy my time in Country cared for by the Old People. This piece Honours that, the privilege of knowing my identity, and the connections to family and community.

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