Jessica Skeen

acrylic and aerosol on canvas
91 x 121cm

This artwork tells the story of the constant struggle
felt attributed to the oppressive act of colonisation.
As Aboriginal people we have had our mind’s
manipulated and silenced to carry shame of who we
are and where we come from. Our sense of value
regarding our self worth and identity is constantly
being questioned and scrutinised to this very day.
Nevertheless the strength that rests in the
foundation of our DNA and the continued guidance
from our elders and ancestral ways have concreted
the path forward to find the way through the lies
and deception. As a result our people, no matter
what shade of colour we may be are taking back our
power. We are silencing the lies, shining light on the
truth and carrying a renewed sense of pride in who
we are and what we stand for.

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