Jessica Skeen
 Impact – We are Survivors

acrylic on canvas
91 x 121cm

This artwork tells the story of the genocide that
has effected all countries across our planet. It
illustrates the nasty mess made and the high price
paid by mankind. So much loss of life, shattered
and displaced families, loss of security, purpose
and sense of belonging. Many struggle with identity
issues picking up the pieces of this hidden chapter
in history and discovering who they are. However
there are many stories of survival, strength and
resilience that came through this horrific ordeal. We
as aboriginal people have survived and it is now time
for us to thrive.
This ugly history is one that can never be erased
or fixed. We cannot pretend it didn’t happen. We,
no matter our race and culture need to deal with
the uncomfortable and confronting aftermath of
our past. We need to have the tough conversations
and find ways for our communities to feel heard,
to heal and to prosper just like everyone else. This
intergenerational trauma will only continue to be
passed down if nothing significant ever happens.

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