Jessica Skeen
Connection – Country – Family 

acrylic on Board
60 x 60cm

This artwork portrays the story of connection. That
connection is strongly linked to two very important
aspects in life. The first being our connection to
country where we find purpose as caretakers and
cultivators of this wonderful land. Secondly is the
connection to our families and in particular the
elders who hold the knowledge, wisdom and stories
of our people and can help guide us as we walk
through the journey of life.
These two lines of connection to a large degree have
been severed and clouded by the act of colonisation.
It is of fundamental importance that we find our way
back to the old ways so that we can heal and prosper
The circular shape or this piece is a representation
of wholeness or the original perfection of our people
and the way we lived in harmony with the land and
every living being that exists upon it.

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