Jemma Stewart
The Journey

acrylic on canvas
51 x 41cm

‘The Journey’ represents the fight that Aboriginal people, particularly our Elders and ancestors have taken to reveal the beauty of Aboriginal culture. Despite the intense struggles and bloodshed, that has been hidden and locked away, our ancestors and Elders give us strength to break through and relearn. This particular artwork uses many symbols to represent this. The heart in the middle of the canvas represents Aboriginal culture, and the ancestors who have passed on. The artwork surrounding the heart represents storytelling, our Elders and the land. A large piece of canvas is surrounding this artwork, this has been made to look rough, hastily stapled on and as if it has been ripped open from the inside. The canvas represents the attempt to cover up Aboriginal culture, with red string symbolising the bloodshed that it resulted in. Finally, the dotted artwork on the outside of the canvas, represents a new generation of Aboriginal people learning about the culture, the land, the people, and the stories. It has been made to look like veins to tie in with the heart to show how our ancestors guide us through this Journey.

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