Silent E

acrylic on framed canvas
121 x 152cm

Of the many overlooked or whitewashed realities unattended too in considering what warrants acknowledgement, attention, accountability is the wholesale rape, criminalisation and abuse of our Blak Women is paramount. 

The entire colonial population profits off of, inhabits privilege because of and exhibits wholesale arrogant entitlement in refusing to engage in any useful process of atonement that would be imbedded with genuine remorse, contrition, commitment to redress and justice. Our Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Daughters, Nieces, current and this we are descended from deserve to be afforded justice and a cessation of hostilities in keeping with their sacred position of life givers, nurturers and holders of wisdom. For the better part, particularly on the eastern part of the continent, we are Matriarchal. Perhaps the criminalisation, profiling, targeting and rape of our women is not without consideration. 

This piece is posed as a snapshot, looking down onto to Mother Country from above where the impact of each instance of rape is presented as weaponised assaults with the impacts radiating out from ground zero in each and every case.

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