Fireworks of Meanjin (Brisbane) 2032

acrylic on canvas

This work focuses on the flurry of activity that has erupted across the country, particularly focused in South East Queensland in the build up to the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It speaks of competing interests for inclusion into the economic opportunities the games provide on an uneven playing surface and asks questions of truth telling, about by whom, how and on who’s terms will the First Nations Peoples of the Country’s narratives be portrayed to the International community.

The fireworks mentioned refers to the prospect of an incendiary field of competition for controlling narratives in the build up to the games as well as to the obligatory fireworks shows for the opening and closing ceremonies of the games.
The river presented through the piece focuses on the areas just west and east of the Brisbane CBD where it flows through to the bay. This area is the traditional lands of the Yugerra/Jagerra/Turrbal Peoples and is the most profoundly impacted by the business of the impending games.

Sulman Prize Entry 2032

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