bulangumbaay mulan ngumbaay girlang
(3 parts 1 story)

acrylic on canvas
101 x 152cm

3 of 3

The Wiradyuri Women who were Knowledge Holder and Lore Women for this ceremony handed the boys across to the Elite Warriors and Lore Men who then began the next part of the ceremony which marked the beginning of the transition from boyhood to manhood and of Cultural Knowledge and Lore development.

The 5 band crosshatch that runs counter-clockwise around the edges of the canvas represent our Wiradyuri Central Lore of Yindyamarra as well as the blue ochre of ceremony. The 5 band straight crosshatch present on the paths represents Yindyamarra and Wiradyuri Diamond Lore..

Blue is for the Wiradyuri men who were Elite Warriors and Lore Men.

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