Stealing is an Offence

This was about the stolen generation, and you’ve heard the story so many times. The stolen generation hasn’t stopped, it hasn’t finished, to some degree some of the kids are still being taken without consultation with parents or anybody else.

I need you to think about this for a moment, if you were part of that stolen generation, what makes you think that everybody got over that. They are still suffering today. They are still trying to find family members who were taken. They are still trying to find their place and the sense of belonging is so important to everybody in the world. You need to know where you come from, you need to know who you are, where you are, and what your connection is to the past.

How do you do that when you were taken, you’ve got no connection, you don’t know who you are, because they change your name and everything.

How do you make that connection, how do you find out who you are, where you come from?

Don’t think for one minute that the stolen generation and the pain that goes with that, is over, because it’s not. It’s still going on today. And sooner or later we have to attend to business.

We can’t keep going like this.

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