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Wellborn is an Indigenous Ngarabal/Celtic artist with Culture and expression being an integral part of who he is. The name Wellborn comes from his father’s Welsh heritage which means ‘first born son and young warrior’. It is also another way of saying his birth name.

Being a self-taught artist, Wellborn comes from humble beginnings. Hailing from an isolated and small country town, Wellborn and his craft was something that clearly developed over time with every endeavour only bringing him closer to his ultimate goal of self-discovery and connection. Most of his life expression has been his shield; his passion for music and visual arts has grown into its own element used for connection rather than isolation.

Since 2018, this has taken Wellborn on a journey that has allowed him to achieve important milestones early into his artistic career. Wellborn has established himself within the Queensland art community and through commissions and solo exhibitions, he has also been able to leave his mark on the walls of various establishments.

Wellborn strives to convey who we are as a society, the chains of sexuality, and the effects of colonialism on his Country and his Culture.

Art creates a space where you can scream without making a sound, and unlike what music used to do for him, this allows him to target a very unique internal energy which otherwise would be left dormant.
Wellborn is inspired by street art, abstraction, and traditional art from his Aboriginal Culture.

“Expression has always been my guiding force. The goal is to connect people to their inner dialogue and to provoke discourse on the thoughts we hide from. Whether you see tragedy or beauty in my work, it all depends on the individual.”

Wellborn is the third participant in Birrunga Gallery’s 3-year Cultural Creative Residential program.

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