mixed media on canvas
110 x 130cm

2022 Sulman Prize Submission

Storytelling is a deeply rooted element of culture and connection, and has been used as the method of education since we first stepped foot on this planet.

Stories of times past and times to come, of lessons learnt and mistakes made.

This piece refers to the strong and beautiful concept of storytelling as it is known in cultural identity.

Although still a strong element of cultural identity and connection amongst community, the modern world and its many distractions has had a significant effect on the rewarding impact of storytelling to the development of connection and community.

The learning of stories amongst community is something I strive to develop as I grow as an individual, and as a Ngarabal man. As I learn, I hope to also be someone who may teach these stories to those who are willing to learn.

A learnt story can live on forever if we are willing to open our minds and listen.

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