wellborn identity


mixed media on canvas
130 x 165cm

Topic: Identity

When I think of identity, I think of the moment that made me reevaluate everything
about myself.

The journey for identity is one that we all share, and the way in which we find this changes from person to person.

For me, this journey has been a turbulent one to say the least. It wasn’t until I began
my practice with visual art that I truly felt that I was on the right path.

This picture holds a great deal of meaning to me, as it signifies the first moment that the spirit that has been guiding me all this time first revealed themself. Up until this point, my work was reckless, emotional, and very aggressive as I was so consumed with rage and despair that I could see no other means to express.

I remember it like it was yesterday – I had this piece of large canvas stapled to my
studio wall and had just been releasing my emotions on it for weeks until this night.
I was working in the studio with my partner sitting by my side when something came over me, almost like I was possessed. I don’t even really remember painting it, only the feeling of complete freedom which came over me whilst I was in motion.

It was so overwhelming that once I stopped, I swung around to my partner in shock,
only to see her in the same state.

“What happened then?” she replied, and the only way I could answer her was simply
to point to the wall and say, “he happened”.

This moment started the magical journey that has been my discovery of my true
identity, and encapsulates this moment of awakening as true as could be.

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