acrylic on canvas
153 x 122cm

Topic: Mentality

Through my childhood and teenage years, I constantly overthought questions and felt that I had to think, talk and behave like everyone else.

I’ve come to realise we all think and learn differently and are all unique in our own ways. Learning should never be discouraged, especially when expressing ourselves.

Finding my voice came as I matured and everyday bringing about new challenges. I continue to push through each challenge, building my self-esteem which has created a stronger mentality in me.

The patterns symbolise my brain learning in a different way and not conforming to society’s mindset. To me, the colour pink symbolises calmness, and the ochre yellow and white stimulates my nerves, glands, and brain, making me more observant and energised.

The yellow boosts my memory and encourages communication, it is a colour that urges interaction. The white dots represent my creativity.

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