Luke Pearson

acrylic on canvas
153 x 91cm

2022 Archibald Prize Submission | Subject: Luke Pearson

Luke Pearson is a Gamilaroi man, and the founder and CEO of IndigenousX, a man of vision.

I’m looking at this portrait of Luke considering the stories that lay in this piece. Just moments before I spent time with Wayne Weaver and he mentioned that we are the sum of all the people we’ve met.

This can be found true in the influences we have on others, be it the stories told or the actions shown. This is seen in this piece with a strong influence coming from working alongside Birrunga Wiradyuri and the work he creates.

I mention this as I consider the work Luke does to hold weight in influence, with the stories told and the voices heard. The opportunity is there for others to walk in the power of influence, connecting people and stories from across countries.

This is seen in the colour palette used, seeing both Saltwater and Fresh Water country, the sky and the land.

Luke has held solid in his beliefs regardless of public opinion, allowing his courage to be of assistance to others.

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