acrylic on canvas
62 x 62cm

2022 Wynne Prize Submission | Coolum, QLD

After painting the background for this piece, I put it aside for some time as I wasn’t sure on what I was working with. I ended up taking it into Brother Birrunga Wiradyuri’s Studio to hear his and Sister Stevie O’Chin’s thoughts on it.

Birrunga mentioned he could clearly see Coolum in there although I couldn’t catch it so I visited a recommended spot where the view of Coolum would be clear.

Here I am and it’s a rainy, overcast day.

I’m looking for Coolum but can’t seem to make him out because of the weather conditions so I decided to drive to the base. I started walking around, asking permission and guidance to share the stories that may come through before having a swim at the beach nearby and driving back to the city.

Travelling back to the view two days later and this time I see Coolum.

Later on, I spent some time with the canvas and suddenly Coolum appeared.

Oval shapes below represent the centre of the canvas, pockets of energy exist below the surface while being a visual of the sun, rising and falling as we see it in the sky.

They are positioned in a circular motion, seeing the changes of the seasons as time goes by, viewing it as cyclical.

The line that runs through these ovals connect the areas below with Coolum, the ocean and the sky above.

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