‘Treaty’ We are Country, Country is Us. Our care for Country is our Care for ourselves.

acrylic on canvas
101 x 122cm

The term ‘Treaty’ is misrepresentative of what may begin to address the current situation here for both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures in regard to the lack of acknowledgement of our continuous, unbroken Sovereignties, the resolution of which may lead to a series of Treaties and subsequent evening of the playing field.

The thing is, we are Culturally and geographically diverse and wide spread. In large Language Groups as is the case with the Wiradyuri Nation, those diversities are present within the one Nation. The notion of an homogenous ’Treaty Solution’ to cover the interests and needs of everyone impacted by the loss of their lands and waters is ridiculous.

Numerous treaties across the different Nations, Language Groups, Clans etc will be needed with the preceding arrangements to reflect this as a starting point. Our waters are sacred and need to be returned to our care along with our home Countries.

This work shows the continent, it’s islands and waters as I see, feel and experience it; richly Cultural, diverse, beautiful, vast and nurturing. Populated from the first sunrise successfully by many Sovereign Nations, Language Groups, Clans, Families, Ancestors with songlines across the entire continent, with our totemic animals, trees, waters, birds, insects, winds, rains, subterranean waters and skies.

Our Waters are a part of our Cultural Care for Country, are sacred and as a part of any negations to treaties, ought be returned to our care, alongside our Country.

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