GAWAYMBANHA - Wiradjuri: “Tell to come, welcome”

The gallery is artists for artists, 100% Wiradjuri, First Nations owned and self funded, operating within an empathic, self-determinate model of enterprise. As such we rely on sales of product and fee for service to fund our venture. Our point of difference emanates from the basis that we are 2 x commercially successful, practising artists with a CEO whose experience is at the highest level of negotiation, EQ, and strategic operations in the local, national and international enterprise.

We offer our attitude, example, standards, mindset, strategies, values and vision to our contemporaries, members, supporters and greater community.

Our predominant focus is to support, promote, manage, exhibit, develop, advocate on behalf of, educate and mentor artists and audiences who would otherwise not have the opportunity. We are specifically focused on working with First Nations artists, artists who are, or who were prisoners, first time exhibitors, and a diverse cohort of First Nations and non First Nations artists outside of these demographics, at local, state and international levels, whose work we love, and for whom we want success.

It is our intention that The Henderson is ‘birrang’ (Wiradjuri; Journey to another place), for our visitors, members, staff, artists and families, that it is a place where you feel you belong and that belongs to you.

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