Gil Jamieson Exhibition

The Artist's Artist, Gil Jamieson. His Influence. A Snapshot.

A focused selection of the late Gil Jamieson’s works that illustrate the scope and influence of his practice. The showing promises insights into one of Queensland’s most influential, talented and unsung visual artists, the late Gil Jamieson.

Multiple Archibald finalist among many other achievements, Gil’s time with the Heide Group in Melbourne links him to some of 20th Century Australia’s most celebrated and revered artists, his work no less than equal to any of his contemporaries of the time and yet, his work, brilliant as it is, has found no congruent purchase of rank in terms of recognition, elevation, provenance, narrative or outright artistry.
Referred to as an ‘artists’ artist’ Gil’s work posed challenges to the arts establishment that ultimately saw him talked down, devalued and isolated. Gil’s artistry is astounding. The emotion of the works literally leaps from the canvas. The stories passionate, stark, confronting and brutally honest. The talent irrefutable and rare.
The influence that Gil had on his lauded contemporaries ignites Baader-Meinhof phenomenon that, once illustrated erupts through the celebrated artists of Melbourne’s Heide Group. We have the honour of hosting a focused, succinct show of selected Gil Jamieson works running for the month of December.

Our intention is to Champion Gil’s works. We thank the Jamieson family for their trust and hospitality. We thank the Monto community for being so passionately involved in cultural matters.
Gil’s connection to First Nations Mob in CQ as well as the Territory is palpable. That relationship now advances through Gil’s family and the community.

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