Chern’ee & Brooke Sutton Exhibition

Luati Kintja’s - 2 Sisters

Exhibition Opening Night Friday 21st February. Exhibition open to the public from 22nd of February to the 18th of March.

Chern’ee and Brooke Sutton are Kalkadoon women from the Mt Isa region of Southwest Queensland. Aged 23 and 14 years old respectively they are rapidly making a name for themselves in the art community and indeed the broader general community as well.

Their paintings combine brilliant bursts of colour, engaging pattern work and vivid depictions of the natural world with strong narrative reference to their rich Kalkadoon heritage.

This exhibition marks the first time the sisters have exhibited a collection of works this size in Brisbane and provides an exciting opportunity to witness the work of two young artists who have already accomplished so much yet have a near unlimited potential ahead of them.

“Luati Kintja’s – 2 Sisters” is sure to capture the imagination and awe of anyone who visits and is must see for art lovers and the general public alike.



07 3705 5742

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
7AM until 3PM

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