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Jessie Nungarrayi Bartlett

Jessie Nungarrayi Bartlett is a Pintupi/Warlpiri woman from Kiwirrkurra/Lake MacKay (Wilkinkarra) in Western Australia.Jessie was bought up on remote outstations around Kintore (Warlungurru) west of Alice Springs, before moving to Alice Springs at the age of 8 for schooling and to learn to speak, read and write English.

Jessie currently resides in Alice Springs for employment, however she continues to maintain and practice her cultural activities and responsibilities.Jessie was bought up around well-known artists, Turkey Tolson, Uta Uta Tjangala, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Mick Namararai Tjapaltjarri, Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula (grandfathers brother) and Pinta Pinta (her grandmothers, brother) who were part of the emerging Western Desert art movement. Jessie witnessed and was influenced by the great works of these artists and it was these early leaders that gave her a rare insight into the cultural perspectives of Pintupi people.

Wayne Weaver

Wayne Weaver has lead a colorful life following a passion for art, youth and teaching and has had his work exhibited all over the world.Sent prison in 1984 Wayne spent his time developing his own art as well as encouraging the artistic talent of his fellow inmates by using art as therapy.Armed with a BA in Fine Arts he has been teaching art since the early days of his lengthy incarceration.

From inside the notorious Boggo Road Gaol Wayne found himself representing prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment throughout Queensland.Following his parole in January 2000, he worked with troubled young people in a counselling and mentoring role.Wayne initiated getting programs such as art therapy accepted within the prison and slow assisted in rewriting the Queensland criminal code.He was instrumental in the abolishment of mandatory life sentences which were written into the Drug Misuse Act and the writing of the Sentence and Penalties Act.

Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson, Wiradjuri, is the principal artist and owner of The Henderson Gallery and Birrang Coffee. Robert produces original narrative works drawn from Wiradjuri Culture, history and spirituality. Robert also produces commentary works, portraiture; as well as Commission works by request.

Kane Brunjes

Kane Brunjes is a Ungari man from Murgon. He is an artist whose practice spans both public and gallery realms. He currently studies Visual Arts at the Queensland University of Technology.

Through creating art Brunjesaims to solidify and represent a visual portrayal of how he observes and reacts to the environment surrounding him. Continuing from a rich history of culture he paints a contemporary vision through dots and lines.

In addition he has been pushing the boundaries of his practise by exploring ceramics withIndigenous peers from Cherbourg. Brunjes has an inherent and continuous urge to express himself through visual language using a variety of surfaces.



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